Products such as frozen foods, cosmetics, drugs, etc. need to be preserved strictly. The best environment to preserve these products is cold environment. Cold storages with their superior goods preservation function should be used by many people.

Cold storage always operates 24/24 to ensure the products are preserved in the best way. Therefore, we must pay attention to the preservation and hygiene in the using process so that the cold storage is always durable.

After a long time, cold storage cannot avoid the phenomenon of dust and snow, affecting the operate ability, so we need to periodically clean the machinery in the warehouse. This is also an effective energy-saving solution.

Besides, in the process of cleaning and maintenance, we can detect damaged problems in order to fix them in time.

Notes on cleaning and maintaining the cold storage

Periodic cleaning

It is not always possible to clean cold storage. It is necessary to schedule periodic cleaning for the warehouse and the average time is once a year.

Cleaning and disinfecting cold storage are needed to ensure the quality of the indoor air, keeping the quality of goods stable and improving the warehouse's operating capacity.

Maintenance of machinery

Cold storage is also an industrial machine system, so the maintenance and cleaning of machines is very necessary. The machine may dry out or experience some problems. The maintenance and inspection of machinery helps the system operate smoothly, increases the longevity of the machine and detects abnormalities for timely handling.

Cleaning stuff

It is necessary to clean the cold storage with specialized tools. The basic tools needed are brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops, etc.

In addition, chemicals used for cleaning in warehouses need to have clear origins and must be safe to use. Chemicals must not affect the warehouse, cause odors or be toxic to the surrounding environment.

Sanitation workers

Cold storage cleaners also need to meet a number of requirements such as ensuring good health, not contracting infectious diseases that affect goods, and must be trained in cold storage cleaning techniques.

In addition, when cleaning the warehouse, employees must clean and fully equipped with protective clothing such as cold jackets, gloves, masks, hats, boots, towels, etc.

Hygiene records

Cleaning cold storage also needs records such as import and export of goods. Prepare records on warehouse hygiene for the basis of presentation upon request. Records may include cleaning time, cleaning tools, cleaning staff, etc.




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