Food cold storage is certainly no stranger to us. Fresh food, agricultural products, aquatic products, seafood or vegetables are products that are affected by environmental conditions and outside temperature. Therefore, using cold storage and freezers is a solution to avoid damage to goods.

Currently, many businesses use cold storages to preserve their products and goods. That shows that cold storage plays an important and necessary role in production and business.

Food preserved by cold storage retains high nutritional content

With a simple and short-term freezing process, food after being preliminarily processed and packaged will be moved to cold storage. Adjusted to the appropriate temperature, frozen for a few hours to minimize nutrient loss and maintain the nutritional content of food. Goods can be stored in large quantities and preserved for a long time.

Cold storage helps to ensure food safety

This is a closed process, so food safety is highly ensured. The temperature in the warehouse is low, limiting the growth of bacteria that cause food damage.

If food is guaranteed to follow the instructions for defrosting and processing, it will completely be ensured the quality and food safety for consumers.

Savings with cold storage

Before being put into food cold storage for preservation, food must be preliminarily processed, cleaned and packaged. Thus, consumers do not need to throw away any part of the product when using. Besides, the cost of frozen food is cheaper than fresh food.

In particular, when using cold storage, we will save costs as well as electricity compared to using a refrigerator for storage.

Cold storage – Convenient and easy to use

Frozen foods are pre-prepared before being put in the cold storage, so just defrost and serve for immediate cook. Leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator for a longer time.

In addition, cold storage is also designed to facilitate loading, unloading or cleaning.

Year-round use as needed

One of the advantages is that cold storage can store goods for a long time to supply the market at the right time, even when it's out of season. Cold storage also preserves food for year-round use according to demand.

Frozen food has a more delicious taste than off-season food because it is left to ripen naturally and then frozen, and the price is also very reasonable.

Contributing to increase turnover for manufacturers

In the crop seasons, fresh vegetables and fruits that are not fully consumed can be preserved by cold storage to overcome damage caused by spoilage and loss of products, helping growers to preserve food and distribute it to the market to improve economic efficiency.



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