General introduction about frozen storage rental and transportation

The process of producing stored products and delivering them to consumers can be considered a closed supply chain. If an individual or a business carries out this process, it will cost a lot of time, transportation and labor costs, and even building a warehouse large enough to store products is a dilemma. Thus, cold storage service comes out to somewhat shorten the process as well as save costs and be more convenient for the partner companies.

We are proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of cold storage rental and transportation (supply chain, logistics). Focusing on reputation as well as building safe storage solutions for products to ensure absolute integrity and safety.

Our services always put the interests of customers first with the most economical and convenient way, making the storage and distribution of goods take place with maximum convenience.

Professional warehouse and infrastructure system

Our warehouse system is equipped with storage racking system, qualitative ballet racking, modern forklifts, fire protection system, security cameras and 24/24 security guards.

Our cold storage ensures the following criteria:

- Satisfy the product storage requirements (temperature, humidity, gas concentration, etc.)

- Distribute the temperature and humidity evenly as well as minimize product loss.

- Capable of highly mechanizing and loading/unloading products.

- Economically effective (saving costs of management, transportation, etc.)

Cold storage rental and transportation services

- We always create the most favorable conditions for our cooperation partners. We provide not only cold storage for rent but also a "pick up and delivery to place" shipping service, which means that we will actively transport goods to the storage for preserving and then deliver them to the place of consumption under the supervision of a partner (closed supply chain).

- The distance between the place of receipt and consumption and the warehouse is convenient for transportation and storage to minimize the costs and product damage.

The solutions that we offer for different forms of goods are diverse for partners to choose from.

-Short-term storage: This form is suitable for customers with seasonal business, temporary storage of goods, family’s belongings, etc. The advantage is that there is no need to spend on warehouse investment, operating fees or hiring personnel. 

-Long-term storage: This service is stable, safe and economical for businesses that need to store long-term goods with safe and qualitative warehouses to store goods and products for a long time.

-For retail goods: With a system of specialized shelves, clean and airy warehouses, we receive and store goods of many different sizes and quantities. We arrange goods logically, separate neat and convenient, ensure the quality and integrity without cost of protection, security, management, etc.

Coming to our cold storage service, customers are completely assured of the service quality. We will do our best to satisfy the needs of our partners as well as support to the best of our ability, saving you the most costs and creating the most convenience in the process of supplying our partner's products to the place of consumption safely and intact.

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