According to Circular No. 36/2018/TT-BYT, all industries and fields related to drug production and preservation must comply with GSP standards. However, not everyone knows what is the drug preservation according to GSP and how are those standards? If you are also wondering about this issue, let's find out right in the following article.

Kho bảo quản dược phẩm theo tiêu chuẩn GSP là như thế nào?

What is the GSP standard pharmaceutical storages?

GSP standard in pharmaceutical preservation


GSP is an abbreviation of the English phrase "Good Storage Practices", a form of good storage practice for medicines and medical materials. GSP standard is expressed as a set of certain principles and standards that the preservation must be appropriate and correct. Compliance with GSP standard is aimed at ensuring the safety and quality of medicines in the best way.


Cold storages for rent should be constructed and designed to avoid the effects of humidity. If the humidity is not appropriate, too humid or not humid enough, the quality of the medicine can be affected. Accordingly, if the product label requires storage in a dry place, it is best to keep the product in an environment with a relative humidity of about 60%.

Kho bảo quản dược phẩm không được có độ ẩm vượt quá 70%

Pharmaceutical storages must not have humidity exceeding 70%


At the place where drugs and pharmaceutical products are preserved, ventilation must also be of absolute attention. The cold storage rental company must keep the warehouses ventilated and dry with modern air-conditioning and ventilation systems. For normal storage environment, you can leave a small corner of the door open but make sure that no insects, birds or other animals can get inside!



Standards for the packaging process always require separate area and discreet packaging. Packers must ensure absolute safety and hygiene, avoiding the interference of odors or chemicals from the outside. At the same time, the product packing should only be opened when absolutely necessary.

Cooling system

The refrigeration system must be installed solidly and carefully in accordance with the previous design and layout standard. In addition, you should choose companies to rent frozen storages with good operation, efficiency and durability. Thus, the preservation of drugs is in the best conditions and the treatment efficiency is higher.



Storages for preserving medicine need to be protected from direct sunlight, as this can be the agent that destroys pharmaceutical products fastest. You should preserve medicines in closed storages or use dark cloth to prevent the impact of light on the product being stored.

Ánh nắng mặt trời có thể khiến chất lượng dược phẩm bị ảnh hưởng

Sunshine can affect the quality of pharmaceutical products

Preservation temperature in GSP storages

If the temperature of pharmaceutical storage is inappropriate, medicines can be melted or degraded leading to the loss of medicine’s effectiveness. Therefore, you need to be careful in finding out the right temperature to help make the preservation to be more successfully and effectively.


Accordingly, you can closely monitor the storage temperature of pharmaceutical products in the following ways:

• Maintain the operation of the temperature controlling device in every space and location in cold storage.

• Regularly monitor changes in other factors from the environment to assess whether they affect the storage temperature.

Nhiệt độ bảo quản trong kho GSP tác động nhiều đến chất lượng dược phẩm

Storage temperature in GSP storages has strong effect on the quality of pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical cold preservation

Currently, pharmaceutical cold storage rental services are more and more popular. These services have become extremely important and ideal in the medical field. This preservation will help you maintain the quality and safety of medicines during the treatment process.

Storage temperature limit

The cold storage rental system for drug preservation needs to ensure the strict temperature standards. All temperature levels must always be in accordance with the requirements stated by the manufacturer on the product label. Below are the storage temperature limits under normal conditions:

• For frozen storages: Vaccines need to be stored at the temperature of -20°C until consumption.

• When needing to rent a frozen storage to store pharmaceutical products: The temperature should be at 2°C to 8°C.

• In cool storing condition: Temperature is limited between 8°C and 15°C.

• In room temperature condition: Medicines need to be preserved at a temperature of 15°C to 25°C.

Nhiệt độ bảo quản dược phẩm trong kho lạnh cho thuê

Pharmaceutical storage temperature in industrial cold storages ranges from 0°C to 18°C


Advantages of using cold storage for preservation

The use of cold storages to preserve pharmaceuticals has many outstanding advantages as follows:

• Cold storage temperature is always kept more stable and accurate for each type of product.

• You can use cold storages to preserve medicines at different temperature levels ranging from negative temperature to normal cooling.

• Cold storages has a discreet structure, which not only ensures the storage temperature of pharmaceutical products but also allows you to prevent factors affecting the product quality.

• Ventilation and temperature control systems can be installed to ensure stable operation of warehouses.

The rental price of cold storages is extremely reasonable compared to many other preservation methods.


This is an article to introduce you about the pharmaceutical storages according to GSP standard. Hopefully, this information will help you to get more useful and valuable knowledge. If you are in need of using the cheap cold storage rental service, do not hesitate to contact Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage immediately via hotline 077 284 9999 for more advices and support on pricing as well as the preservation process of pharmaceutical products in cold storages.