Preserving frozen meat helps prolong food storage time, ensuring safety and hygiene for the storage process. This is the stage that needs to meet strict temperature conditions. Do you know the safest and most effective way to store frozen meat? Please learn the steps to store frozen meat safely and hygienically in the article below.

Frozen meat storage temperature

Temperature has a great influence on the quality and safety of food and meat. Using the right storage temperature can help meat stay freshest, preserve flavor and prevent and inhibit the activity of harmful bacteria. Therefore, the storage temperature of frozen meat is always a matter of special concern for businesses operating in this food industry.
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Frozen meat storage temperature

Temperature of meat storage in cold storage

Raw meat can be stored in the freezer at about 1.1°C for 3 to 4 days. With frozen meats, refrigerated storage can be stored for 6-12 months. However, during storage, special attention should be paid to the storage temperature of frozen meat.

The recommended proper storage temperature for frozen meat is best at -18°C. This temperature helps preserve the structure, nutrition and flavor of the meat. Each type of meat will have a different ideal temperature, ensuring the best nutritional quality. Restaurant cold stores often have to ensure strict temperature standards to keep the best flavor of the dish

What temperature should be stored in the refrigerator?

Many households with a short-term need to store meat will use a refrigerator to preserve frozen meat. With the temperature in the refrigerator, meat can be stored for a few weeks or even a month.

The refrigerator temperature is from 2°C - 3°C, the meat can be stored for 3-4 days. Storing frozen meat with standard temperature conditions will help preserve meat longer. However, the sooner the meat is used, the better the flavor and quality will be guaranteed.

Storage time of meats

Each type of meat will have a different storage time. Therefore, when storing frozen foods, you need to pay special attention to this issue. Under ideal storage conditions, frozen beef and lamb can be stored for a period of 12 months, pork for 8 months and veal for 10 months. In particular, please note how to store frozen meat safely and hygienically for the recommended time to preserve the flavor and ensure the quality and nutrition of the meat!

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The storage time will vary depending on the type of meat

Instructions for preserving meat to ensure safety and hygiene

Storing frozen meat requires strict standard temperature levels with quality assurance and pre-processing processes. Storing frozen meat in cold storage needs to ensure that the amount of meat is not overloaded compared to the storage capacity of the warehouse. Too much frozen meat will affect the efficiency of the product's preservation and storage process.

Make sure that meat is carefully wrapped, separate from other foods, to prevent the risk of bacterial and microbial contamination. In case you need to use rental cold storage to store different types of food, keep the meat at the bottom of the cold storage. This is to prevent the gravy from sticking to other foods. Strict regulatory compliance helps keep frozen meat safe, hygienic and efficient.

What is the most effective method to preserve and handle meat products in industry?

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What is the most effective method to preserve and handle meat products in industry?

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