“How to best manage frozen goods in the warehouse?” is the question of many businesses dealing in cold products today. As a cold storage rental partner of many import-export and retail companies, Nam Ha Noi cold storage will answer the above questions so that you can more optimally manage your frozen goods in this article.


Challenges that food businesses facing when managing frozen goods

The Covid-19 pandemic is still developing complicatedly in many countries around the world, in which EU countries and the US are the hardest hit. Last March, according to the survey results of member enterprises of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), many businesses were canceled the contracts or suspended orders by their Europe and America partners due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Enterprises are now facing many difficulties from all sides, including the problem of goods management, preservation, storage and transportation.


Businesses face the issue of inventory of frozen products during the Covid-19 pandemic


“How to manage frozen goods to avoid product loss?” This is one of the many issues that many businesses need to face when trading this product. Let's go into more detail with the same question, do you know what challenges your business are facing when managing frozen foods?

Let's take a look at some of the most common challenges faced by manufacturers so that we can find the best solution to answer the above issue.

Warehousing problem: First, businesses need to have a cold storage with a large enough area to store, arrange and transport goods in order to preserve frozen goods. However, choosing the right cold storage to satisfy the needs of the business is not a simple matter.


Insufficient cold storage space will cause goods to overlap


For example: With the available mini warehouse (self-installation) that the business has, the limited storage area plus the inconvenient and easy to lose goods (without investing in forklifts), it is very difficult to store suddenly a large amount of goods. For cold storage rental service, businesses need to calculate the quantity of goods to rent pallets and estimate the fee to pay for the cold storage company, … to be in line with the existing budget.


Maintain product life cycle: During the product life cycle, frozen goods are easy to lose their inherent value if they are not preserved in the right environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, distance between other products). Managing and adjusting environmental factors to suit each type of food is a challenge that businesses need to fulfill if they want to maintain a longer product life cycle.


Maintain product life cycle by storing goods properly

Manage time and follow strict food safety rules: Standard cold storage has many strict regulations or industry guidelines. However, not every employee can manage time and follow absolute cold storage principles. Therefore, mini cold storages often occur product or energy source loss. That is why this has become one of the many challenges that managers need to keep in mind.


Complying with strict regulations in cold storage making more efficient management


In the "world" of frozen goods traders, any mistake in the management process can lead to loss and waste. Not only food is lost, energy sources such as electricity, heat, gasoline, etc. are also wasted. So what solutions can business managers apply to overcome these challenges? Let's go to the next section to understand better.


Good frozen goods management solutions that businesses can apply 

The frozen goods management process is the way that businesses ensure products always maintain the best quality, quantity and food safety in the place where goods are preserved. In order to no longer lose and maximize costs, businesses must closely monitor and manage the storage process until they are exported and delivered to consumers.


Goods must be quality assured from the warehouse to the consumers


If not managed well, frozen batches can become discolored, lose their original taste or become bruised and lose value. With a wealth of management experience accumulated for 20 years in the industry, Nam Ha Noi cold storage would like to share the best 4 solutions to manage frozen goods that can be applied as follows:


Requirements for accurate product tracing

At all times, managers need to have accurate information about the position of products in the warehouse. From there, the affected products can be retrieved in unexpected situations (power outage, refrigerator not working, cold air leak, etc.). Special products to pay attention such as fresh food (vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, ...) and perishable products (milk, cheese,...) need more management and monitoring because they are easily affected by external factors such as humidity, CO2,…


Managers must have a clear understanding of the position of products in the warehouse


For accurate traceability, store documents and product codes in a management file or notebook or use warehouse management software for the fastest results.


Label racks and use barcodes for individual products

As mentioned in part a, the most accurate way to track a product is to use a product management code. This method of using numbers is very effective for businesses that have many products in the same line and have a wide range of products. Barcode management will help manufacturers manage each product from the moment it enters the warehouse until shipped to the stores.


In addition, using stickers on each rack is also one of the smart ways to make warehouse management easier and more “breathable”. Warehouse staff can check and record tracking data on labels so that later employees can easily understand the status of goods in their warehouse.


Manage goods with barcode labels


Many businesses only pay attention to the management of goods on pallets without knowing that transporting goods through distribution channels and from trucks to frozen pallets and vice versa is equally important. In the cold preservation process, maintaining management over the entire time is very important. Without strict management from the beginning, storage flaws can start to negatively affect the products. Delays in shipping give these problems a chance to manifest and cost manufacturers time and profits.


Make sure there are no errors in the shipping process


For example: Each batch of product from the warehouse to the distribution center as well as to the customer must go through the process of transportation, loading and unloading. Businesses must manage these batches in such a way that the quantity and distance of products are properly balanced so that meat or vegetable products are not spilled/watered or crushed during transportation. During shipping process, perishable foods such as seafood, ready-to-eat products and processed products can become unsafe if they are kept at substandard temperatures.


Nam Ha Noi cold storage: Providing the current best cold storage management solution!

Nam Ha Noi cold storage always tries to provide customers with solutions for managing and preserving frozen goods that are both cost-effective and increase product life cycle. Owning a large cold storage chain of up to 300 to 1500 tons, we have been working with many manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to perform the best cold storage of perishable products in the entire supply chain.

Our company has a fleet of qualitative refrigerated trucks, diverse in types and payloads with license to circulate in Hanoi's inner city. Therefore, we always ensure to supply all needs and strict standards of refrigerated transportation.



Import and export goods are controlled and reported automatically by modern, specialized and suitable cold storage management software: issuing import and export slips quickly and accurately.



dịch vụ kho lạnh

All pallet quantities and positions are managed by a code, so the import and export of pallets is fast and absolutely accurate. The entire import and export process is recorded and stored images through the camera system.

Become a partner of Nam Ha Noi Cold storage to experience the best cold storage service!



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