Cold storage rental service combined with logistics supply chain is gradually becoming the most popular service. Most businesses, industrial parks, restaurants, grocery store systems, supermarkets, etc. need cold storages to preserve goods because that is the place to store and preserve products to keep their quality intact for a long time. So, is it easy to build a cold storage and what do we need to concern when constructing and installing a cold storage?

Things to note when installing cold storage

Cold storage is a warehouse with a large area that requires a modern cold storage system, so it is necessary to note the following things when designing and constructing a cold storage:

Choose a construction site

This is the most important stage that determines both the structure and durability of the cold storage. When choosing a location, we should pay attention to the terrain condition, geographical parameters, weather conditions, climate, road conditions and surrounding population to propose construction and design plans. The design should be suitable in order to minimize construction costs but still ensure the best quality of the cold storage.

The inner preservation mode

The internal preservation mode is the environmental conditions inside the cold storage (humidity, temperature, etc.) that we need to create and maintain at a stable level so that the product is always in the best condition and quality.

Storage temperatures

In order for the product to always be preserved in the good condition and quality, the temperature inside the elevator must be suitable for the product. The longer the product is stored, the lower the temperature will be to ensure product deterioration. Note that frozen products must be stored at a temperature that is at least the same temperature as the product after freezing.

Air humidity inside the warehouse

Besides temperature, air humidity has a great influence on the quality of the product when used. Because air humidity is related to a number of phenomena and components inside the product, the air humidity is selected accordingly depends on the type of product.

Design and construction of a cold storage

With today advanced technology and developing techniques, contractors have been able to apply new technology in the design of cold storage to ensure the quality, shorten construction time and costs. Assembled from standard insulation panels or glued moisture-insulating panels on the foundation, warehouse frames into pre-built chambers.

Electricity supply

Use single-phase grid power for machines with a capacity of less than 5kW and 3-phase power grid for machines with large capacity. If the cold storage is large, it must have its own power source to avoid phase difference at peak hours.

Above are the sharing of experience and necessary notes when constructing and installing a cold storage.

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