Cold supply chain management by applying industrial cold storages is one of the solutions that have been applied currently to preserve vaccines, drugs, etc. by many medical and pharmaceutical enterprises. 


The necessity of vaccine preservation

“Covid 19 vaccine” is probably the most interested keyword right now. Up to now (November 11, 2020), the world has surpassed 54.7 million cases of Covid 19 and everyone is looking forward to the timely production and supply of vaccines to overcome this pandemic. Currently, many countries around the world, most notably the Russia and Germany, are intensifying researching and producing Covid-19 vaccine on a large scale.


The Covid 19 vaccine is of the most concern right now

However, it is very difficult for this vaccine to reach more hospitals and patients. The challenge posed to vaccine manufacturers and distributors (not only vaccines against Covid 19 but also many vaccines for other diseases) is:

All vaccines (including vaccines against Covid 19) that want to be distributed on a large scale need to go through a closed cold chain management process and maintain a constant temperature. Normally, vaccines will be stored at a temperature from 2°C to 8°C, whereas some Covid 19 vaccines (such as Pfizer - the most effective vaccine) must be stored at a temperature of about -70°C (-94°F) both in storage and transportation. Here are some vaccine storage temperatures produced by some countries.


If vaccines are not preserved continuously in the right environment when delivered to health facilities, it will cause inactivation, reduction in the ability to produce antibodies to prevent disease, even causing stroke.


Vaccines must be preserved continuously in a negative temperature environment


If vaccines are not properly preserved, medical enterprises will face damage, capital losses, and even lawsuits and legal actions. It is impossible to let any errors occur in cold chain management because products like Vaccines have a direct relevance to the health and lives of direct users, 

Many health facilities and businesses have not met the necessary and sufficient conditions to preserve vaccines.


In Vietnam and around the world, there are deaths after vaccination with poor quality and improper storage. Therefore, cold storages and transportation of this item is always the top priority for manufacturers. Investment and management of the cold supply chain at all stages (from cold storages, refrigerated truck loading and unloading, to the quality of refrigerated transport vehicles) is essential for manufacturers in general and the distribution company in particular to better preserve the vaccine.


Investment and management of the cold supply chain at all stages

According to the UNICEF, vaccines protect children from diseases and death, saving nearly 3 million lives each year. More than five people are saved by vaccine every minute.


Cold supply chain management in vaccine preservation by industrial cold storages


Vaccines are biological products containing a part of a weakened, inactivated bacteria or virus that is not harmful to the human body. Vaccines should always be stored at the right temperature. And to do this, manufacturers and distributors need to manage the standard cold supply chain first.

Benefits of cold supply chain management when preserving Vaccines

Cold supply chain management helps manufacturers control and keep vaccines at a reasonable temperature level as well as ensure their quality and extend their shelf life at various locations (cold storages, trucks, etc.) cold load ) according to actual time. This will help businesses in the medical industry to reduce economic loss, avoid waste as well as bring greater benefits for patients.


Cold supply chain management brings great benefits to patients

A good cold supply chain ensures that temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines are stored and maintained in standard condition during their life cycles. Accordingly, the good preservation of vaccines will bring more practical benefits to both manufacturers, partners and patients. A good cold supply chain management leads to the increase in competitiveness by offering more reasonable prices (compared to the competitors) for health facilities. Patients just need to pay a reasonable cost to use the quality vaccines, creating a need for patients to be revaccinated.


Vaccine manufacturers rely on cold supply chain management to ensure that the consignment of biological products is not damaged before going to market. Many pharmaceutical enterprises want to streamline the process of this cold supply chain management but do not have the expertise or experience. Therefore, they often rely on the supports and co-operations from industrial cold storages with combined transportation business services to store and maximize profits.


Industrial cold storages - the best place for storing vaccines

In the context that the Covid 19 pandemic has not been completely controlled, the optimal distribution and delivery of vaccines to health facilities is the most necessary thing at this moment. Industrial cold storage is currently one of the most standard places to store and preserve frozen goods (including medicines and vaccines). With a full range of modern equipment and necessary facilities to serve the freezing, storage and transportation of Vaccines, industrial cold storage will be a perfectly suitable choice for manufacturers and suppliers when store this product.


Using industrial cold storages are the most perfect method to preserve Vaccines


Thanks to the optimization in industrial cold supply chain management, manufacturers can rest assured because vaccines are always stored at the right temperature in all stages of the supply chain, satisfying 100% orders to be delivered safely as well as bring effectiveness and safety to users and human health.

Perhaps after this Covid 19 pandemic, the whole world in general and Vietnam in particular will attach special importance to the production, proper distribution and preservation of vaccines and medicines to deal with any another unexpected pandemic. Industrial cold storage is always a solid rear and a place to preserve any future vaccines and medicines.


Industrial cold storages - the place to store vaccines in the future


The Government has also issued policies to encourage the development of the pharmaceutical industry, typically the goal of promoting domestic consumption value accounting for 80% of total consumption value and promoting domestic production of drugs and vaccines will meet 20% of demand by 2030.

Accompanying businesses and the government, Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage will always be a reputable company and partner for manufacturers as well as distributors in providing cold supply chain solutions for the fields of vaccines, pharmaceuticals and food. We integrate the most modern machinery and equipment with an experienced team to provide the right temperature for vaccine products and optimal supply chain management, ensuring 100% distribution of orders to ensure the safety and efficiency for users and customers.

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