Table of contents

1. Do businesses know: Cold storage can also wear out?!

2. Four common problems when using frozen storage

2.1. The cold storage door seal/gasket is broken

2.2. Insufficient storage space

2.3. Cold storage with lots of ice and snow

2.4. Products that ripen early, change color, and drop leaves (for fruits and vegetables)

Repairing cold storage is a job that any business must do after a period of using the cold storage. To do this work effectively, what do businesses need to learn? How to optimize cold storage repair costs and ensure operational efficiency? Find out now with Nam Ha Noi cold storage in the following article.

Do businesses know: Cold storage can also wear out?!

Cold storage is a perfect way for businesses to store frozen items, keeping everything at the perfect temperature and extending the shelf life of their products. Thanks to frozen storages, many Vietnamese retail businesses have saved hundreds of billions of dong per year by reducing the amount of lost goods.

 Like other items or equipment, cold storages will also wear out over time. Accordingly, the average lifespan of a cold storage can be up to 10 to 15 years and depends on several factors such as:

- Quality of cold storage’s materials.

- Is the construction of cold storage in accordance with the standards and accurate at the beginning or not?

- The frequency of cleaning the cold storage

- The process of using cold storage (reasonable and scientific or not?).

 In addition, unexpected problems arising from external forces, weather, people... will also increase the wearability of cold storage. After a period of use, cold storage will operate less efficiently than before and unexpected problems begin to appear. Therefore, repairing cold storage is essential that businesses need to do to maintain product preservation and cooling.

 In order to make the right choice, businesses need to identify the problems that cold storage is facing, thereby offering reasonable solutions. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Nam Ha Noi cold storage will review some basic problems that a cold storage will encounter after a period of use and how to fix them below.

Four common problems when using frozen storage

There are many problems that arise in the process of enterprises using cold storage, such as:

1. The cold storage door seal/gasket is broken

Do you notice that the refrigeration compressor in the warehouse is working more than usual? If such a situation is encountered, it is time for businesses to re-check the cold storage door gaskets. It is of the following reasons:

Cold storage door seal or gasket is an important part of keeping warehouse doors and cellars tight to ensure the optimal temperature for goods preservation. This type of material is very easy to damage after a long time of use. When the gasket is damaged (in particular, it is dry, cracked and brittle than the original), cold air escapes outside and hot air penetrates inside, causing the refrigerator to work harder to maintain the best temperature. Therefore, businesses should check the warehouse door when they see the phenomenon of the compressor running noisy and operating more than usual.

Check the door gaskets

How to fix: In this case, the business needs to check the warehouse door and replace the damaged gasket parts with a new one. If there is no technical staff to solve this problem, businesses should contact cold storage repair units to fix the situation quickly.


2. Insufficient storage space

Do you feel that your cold storage space is gradually shrinking and becoming cramped? That's because businesses need to store more and more goods!

Does your cold storage space have enough space to store goods?

Remedy: Each retailer's cold storage space needs will change over time, and businesses will need a larger area than before. There are two ways to solve the problem in this case:

+ Solution 1: Repair and upgrade the cold storage by increasing the area/space of the warehouse.

+ Solution 2: Use cold storage rental service.


With the solution of upgrading and repairing cold storage space, businesses should carefully consider many factors such as:

- Can the existing cold storage space be expanded?

- How much does it cost to expand the cold storage?

- Where should the goods (in storage) be preserved during the expanding process of the warehouse?

Enterprises should answer the above problems and plan carefully before upgrading to avoid product loss as well as not to affect their business and production activities.

To get more information about the cost of upgrading and repairing cold storage, you can see more at the article COLD STORAGE PRICE LATEST UPDATE 2020 - VIEW NOW!

By using cold storage service, the business's job will be much simpler than repairing cold storage. Although this is an outsourced service and is not managed by the business, you will receive many more practical benefits than that:

Cold preserve goods without needing to build infrastructure or management staff yourself.

Save on space rental and personnel costs

Absolutely guaranteed the quality of goods before and after leaving the warehouse.

No periodic cold storage repair costs.

Industrial cold storage helps you save human and material resources as well as guarantee on goods

To learn more about these benefits, you can read more HERE for more details.

3. Cold storage is full of ice and snow

Do you notice that the ceiling, floor, walls, pallets in your cold storage appear to be dew, freezing or not?


The ice condensation

If so, then this is a common phenomenon in frozen storages that have been in operation for a long time, called condensation. This phenomenon usually occurs when there is a large difference in humidity (unit: g/kg) inside and outside the cold storage. When ice condensation occurs, the cold storage will be reduced in cooling capacity (condensation on evaporators), causing the compressor to work more as well as more costly. In addition, this phenomenon can also lead to the risk of product freezing, causing loss and other unpredictable problems.

Remedy: To repair cold storage with ice condensation, businesses need:

Use effective measures to prevent moisture such as curtains, fans, and buffer rooms.

Install a separate outlet, ensuring the circulation of goods but also not losing too much cold air after each import and export.

Find a reputable and professional cold storage repair team.

Regularly clean and remove ice/stagnation in cold storage.

4. Products that ripen early, change color, and drop leaves (for fruits and vegetables)

Fruits and vegetables are one of the most stored products in cold storages of retailers, chain stores and restaurants such as BigC, CoopMart, VinMart, etc. However, this type of goods is very difficult to preserve as well as encounter frequent problems such as early ripening, discoloration, leaf drop. The cause of this problem is as follow:

Ethylene gas released from ripe fruits: Fruits such as apples, pears, plums, peaches, apricots, tomatoes when ripe often emit Ethylene gas. This type accelerates the development and early ripening of the fruit, causing the fruit to ripen prematurely, change color and spoil easily.

Remedy: Choose the ripe fruits, keep them in a separate room, and export them first. It is best to ventilate the cool storage thoroughly before using to avoid odors remaining in the room.


Products are stacked too tightly that prevent food from cooling: Vegetables are very perishable products if placed in an enclosed space and impossible to exchange gases. Therefore, stacking too tightly will make vegetables prone to premature wilting, leaf drop and spoilage.

Remedy: Arrange the vegetables in a well-ventilated space. Leave space between the rows and layers of the product, then stack them in layers that allow air to pass through the crevices, allowing better air exchange.

Arrange products properly

With the above cold storage repair tips, we hope that businesses can find the right method to apply to their cold storage in the most optimal way. With many years of experience in the frozen food industry, Nam Ha Noi cold storage will continue to give businesses and readers wanting to learn about the industry more useful knowledge! For the best advice on cold storage, contact 0772.84.9999 today for more details.
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