Fresh flowers seem to have become indispensable decorative products in our modern life. Flowers are used on special occasions such as weddings, conferences, events, etc. However, how to preserve fresh flowers after harvesting to supply to the market is a big concern of many household businesses. Let's learn different methods of preserveing flowers in order to maintain their best beauty and freshness.

Current popular ways to preserve fresh flowers

In order to preserve fresh flowers always beautiful until reaching the buyers, many businesses have flexibly applied a number of different preservation methods.

Bảo quản hoa tươi sao cho đúng cách?

How to properly preserve fresh flowers?

Common preservation methods

Some of the traditional ways of preserving flowers that are commonly applied include:

• Put flowers in warm water: Put flowers in a vase with water temperature from 43°C to 44°C and leave in a cool place from 1 hour to 2 hours. This is the easiest way to keep flowers fresh for a long time.

• Cut off leaves on the lower stem: Removing leaves helps flowers stay fresh longer because leaves soaked in water will quickly rot. This will be a good condition for bacteria to invade and affect the flower quality.

• Cut the flower stem diagonally: Cut the flower base at a 45 degree angle to increase the flower's ability to absorb water. As a result, the flowers will absorb more water and stay fresh longer.

• Change water regularly: This is a fairly simple but effective. To increase efficiency, you can also add a few aspirin tablets after changing water to help clean water and prevent bacteria more effectively.

Using preservatives

To keep flowers fresh for a longer time, several places choose using preservatives instead of traditional methods. Preservatives help flowers stay fresh by providing adequate nutrients. Preservatives also prevent bacteria from entering the plant.

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Use preservatives to keep flowers fresh for a long time

You can make this solution yourself at home with easy-to-find ingredients. Mix carbonated water with lemon juice and bleach. In addition, you can mix carbonated soft drinks with bleach solution. Take the finished solution and put flowers in it and the flowers will stay fresh longer.

Preserving fresh flowers in cold storages

Keeping fresh flowers in cold storage is currently a modern method used by many customers. Flowers when placed in a cold environment will reduce the metabolism. At this time, the energy consumed by the flower will be limited, and the production of ethylene will be reduced at the same time to prevent the invasion of bacteria.

Bảo quản hoa tươi bằng kho lạnh

Preserving fresh flowers in cold storages 

Normally, the temperature in cold storage will be flexibly adjusted to suit different types of flower. In addition, the relative humidity inside the cold storage is also one of the important factors in preserving fresh flowers.

What is the best method to preserve fresh flowers?

All the ways described above are effective methods of preserving flowers. However, although traditional preservation methods are quick and effective in the preservation process, the actual time to prolong the life of flowers is not long.

Kho lạnh bảo quản hoa tươi

Cold storage for preserving fresh flowers

Most with traditional preservation methods such as frequent water changes, flower arrangements in warm water, removal of leaves, etc. are just immediate solutions. Flower quality is still affected over time and the freshness is still not 100% guaranteed. Besides, it will consume a lot of time and energy if we apply these methods in large quantities of flowers.

Using cold storages to preserve fresh flowers is currently the preferred method of choice. Without wasting time for each manual step, you just need to bring the flowers to the cold storage and adjust the appropriate temperature.

Preserving fresh flowers in cold storage will prolong the time to keep them fresh. Using this modern method helps flowers always retain their scent and ensures that the flowers do not bloom until they reach the customers. It can be said that preserving flowers in cold storage is the best method of preserving flowers today that flower business owners should use.

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