Overview of cold storage system

Cold storage system is the most popular method of food preservation today. To store a wide variety of products in a given space, you need to have a series of operating systems that work together to keep the system running smoothly.

So have you ever imagined what equipment the cold storage operating system consists of and how they are operated? The following article will help you get an overview of the system to operate them properly.

Working principle of cold storage system

To operate a cold storage system smoothly, safely and economically, the first thing you need to know is how it works.

- Using forced convection air cooling method with frozen products in block and bulk form placed in trays and loaded onto freezer trucks.

- With a freezer truck made of stainless steel with multiple floors, the distance between the floors is large enough that there is still a certain gap for cold air to circulate through after placing the product trays in.

-The cold air forced circulation in the warehouse through the gap between the trays and heat exchange on both sides. The heat exchange process here is a forced convection heat exchange, the top exchanges directly with the product and the bottom exchanges through the freezer tray and conducts heat into the product.

- The air temperature in the freezer chamber reaches -35°C. Therefore, the freezing time is quite fast, about 3 hours for bulk products.

- The indoor unit of the frozen warehouse can be hung overhead or placed on the ground. For large capacity warehouses, people choose the solution of placing on the ground, because the volume of the staging is quite heavy. When hanging overhead, people must make sure mounts placed on the ceiling panel and hung on the rafters.

-The frozen storage indoor unit often clings to a lot of snow because the frozen product is fresh and bare, so it must be defrosted regularly. People often choose the solution of defrosting with water for the frozen warehouse indoor unit.

System structure of cold storage

- Compressor: The system uses a 2-stage compressor. Commonly used refrigeration compressors are MYCOM, York-Frick, Bitzer, Copeland, etc.

- Intermediate tank: For 2-stage refrigeration system using feon, a horizontal intermediate average is used. This type of medium tank is very compact, easy to install and has less extra equipment.

+ For small systems, low cost but high efficiency Alfalaval plate-type intermediate averages can be used.

+ For the system using NH3, a vertical medium tank with full protection and safety devices is used.

 - Heat recovery liquid separator: in cold storage system, devices often combine one or more uses. This combination often increases the efficiency of both functions in a feon system that uses a liquid separator and heat recovery vessel.

- Cold storage shell: cold storage shell is assembled from 150mm thick PU panels. Particularly, the warehouse floor must not use panels, it must be built with concrete capable of bearing large loads. The warehouse floor is built and lined with insulation. People make a false ceiling to create a wind circulation channel so that the wind circulates evenly in the warehouse.

Other equipment: in addition to special equipment specific to the R22 freezing storage system, other equipment such as condensers, high-pressure storage tanks, cooling towers, etc. have no difference compared to other systems.



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