Cold storages are spaces with an insulated structure, equipped with air conditioning system and gas distribution system to keep products that need to be preserved at low temperatures.

Cold storages must ensure the following design criteria

Satisfy the product storage requirements (temperature, humidity, gas concentration, etc.)

Distribute the temperature and humidity evenly and minimize product loss

Modularization (standardization)

Highly mechanized loading and unloading

Economically effective

Freezing technology


Freezing is the refrigeration of food below its freezing point with the aim of freezing most of the water present in the food to limit the activity and invasion of microorganisms.

Freezing methods

According to level, freezing can be divided into:

Slow freezing: Freezing time from 15 to 20 hours, freezing speed from 0.1 to 0.5cm/h. This method has the disadvantage that the ice crystals in the intercellular space are large, tearing the cell membrane, changing the structure, and reducing the meat quality. This method is only used for some foods such as buffalo meat, beef, livestock and poultry, meat and vegetables before grinding to make juice.

Fast freezing: freezing speed from 0.5 to 5cm/h and freezing time from 0.75 to 10 hours. The products are required to be frozen in an environment with a temperature of 0°C - 35°C because the flow rate of each substance is 3-5m/s.

Extremely fast freezing: It takes a few minutes to several tens of minutes. Immerse the product in CO2 or liquid N2.

According to the cooling method:

Air Freezing (IQF, ABF)

Indirect contact freezing (self-contact)

Direct contact freezing (in each liquid)

Conditions for high quality frozen products

The input product quality must be guaranteed

Processing technology must ensure food hygiene and safety standards

Products that are frozen must be within maturity

The parameters of the freezing process (temperature, wind speed, freezing time, etc.)

Substances of preservation packaging

Product storage conditions after being frozen (temperature stability, little loss, etc.)

Defrosting method

Freezing methods

Depending on the freezing methods, it is divided into slow freezing, fast freezing, 1-phase freezing, 2-phase freezing, etc.



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