Table of contents

1. Current price of cold storage on the market

1.1 Installation price of mini cold storage

1.2. Cold storage rental price

1.3. Troubleshooting for businesses: Are cheap cold storages really qualitative?

2. Price list of cold storage rental service of Nam Ha Noi


Finding out a cold storage quotation is one of the necessary steps that every business needs to do when it comes to installing or renting a warehouse for cold storage. Knowing the price will help you calculate the cost of storing goods, thereby better planning for the business.

Current price of cold storage on the market 

When businesses search for a price list or cold storage quotation, the results will often yield two different types of tables, including:

Installation price of mini cold storage

According to the survey of Nam Ha Noi cold storage, the installation price of a mini cold storage will depend on the following factors:

+ Cost of cold storage shell and corresponding installation accessories:

The cost of making a cold storage shell is the budget that the business uses to buy materials and installation accessories with good - medium - poor quality. The higher the quality of the cold storage shell installation materials, the more expensive the cost and vice versa. So, what types of materials will businesses have to pay when installing cold storage? We will list a few categories below for businesses to have a better view of them:

EPS Panel material (for cool storage) or PU Panel (for frozen storages)

Materials for cold storage floor (anti-slip, ribbed aluminum/stainless steel)

Cold storage door (imported/self-designed product)

Cold storage light (good/medium quality)

Cold storage curtain or windscreen fan

Mechanical watches

Anti-lock alarm (if the business need to installed it)

Pressure relief valve

V-brackets inside and outside cold storage (aluminum/stainless steel)

Silicone, foam (sealing the joints between insulation panels, corners of wall and corners of ceilings, cold storage floor)

Screw, rive

+ Machinery/equipment for Refrigeration system:

The amount of money used to buy machinery/equipment installed in the refrigeration system of the mini cold storage. Depending on the type of machine that the business chooses, the construction party will calculate the total cost and quote the cold storage price. Machine price will depend on factors such as new or old equipment/machinery, brand name, import country and if there is a provenance.

Thus, when quoting the price of mini cold storage, businesses will be quoted in detail for the above two parts. To make it easier for businesses to visualize, Nam Ha Noi cold storage will give the following example:

Example of a cold storage shell quote form (source: Internet)

In addition, the price of mini cold storage also includes VAT, payment for the warehouse construction team and other costs incurred during the installation of the cold storage.

Therefore, to calculate the price when installing cold storage, businesses need to carefully research and survey the prices of different construction units before proceeding with construction.

In particular, businesses need to account for the construction time as well as closely follow the progress to get the best results because the process of choosing equipment and materials to install cold storage takes a long time.

Note: It should be carefully considered when choosing this type because the total cost to build a mini cold storage is quite large for businesses.

Next, let's move on to the second type of storage, industrial cold storage, and learn how to calculate its price.

Cold storage rental price

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of cold storage leasing and related industries, Nam Ha Noi cold storage would like to introduce to businesses the method of calculating costs according to a detailed quote as follows:

Cost for storage size: number of cubic metre or containers that the business needs to rent.

Cost for storage time: The period of time that business wants to store goods 

Monthly storage cost: Fixed fee set by the cold storage lessor

Transportation fee (if any)

Timeline of delivery, pickup and return goods

Expenses for accompanying services (packing, labeling, picking up goods at the airport, etc.)

For businesses to have an overview and make it easier to compare prices, let's find out the price of cold storage in the market right now below:

For example, a cold storage rental company has a cold storage rental price from 1.99 million per month per 15 tons (15.000vnd per day) in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong and the Southern provinces with prices as following:

When using cold storage rental service, businesses will reduce a lot of "concerns" than buying or installing cold storage such as time, personnel, materials, machines, etc. Instead, businesses can focus on other more professional issues such as goods distribution, speeding up goods consumption through retail outlets, etc. Therefore, many businesses have chosen cold storage rental service instead of building a private warehouse.

Cold storage rental service is being used by many companies

However, because there are too many companies providing and leasing cold storage in the market, businesses have been doubtful about the quality and reputation of this service. And one of the problems is: Are cheap cold storages really of good quality that many business owners are interested in?

Troubleshooting for businesses: Are cheap cold storages really qualitative?

To answer the above question comprehensively, we can first review the benefits that businesses will get when using cold storage in THIS article. Next, let's get to the central issue: How do businesses think cold storage is considered a cheap cold storage?

Is the price of making or renting cold storage cheap? Or the initial cold storage quote is cheaper than in the market? Or not be charged for some services, free services…

In fact, all of the above methods are ways to create the impression of cold storage lessors with businesses and differentiators in the market. The difference here is the "strength" of the service provider. It will be much better if businesses find the right cold storage lessor who has the strengths they need and are lacking for cooperation.

For example, the strength of Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage company when supplying to a partner company will be aimed at preserving and transporting goods with a commitment that the goods will always be preserved in the best and most stable way during the whole period of storage time.

In fact, most cold storage rentals are priced roughly the same if calculated according to the overall price.

By maximizing operating costs, facilities or by other way, the service provider will quote cold storage prices at a cheaper price than other suppliers. However, the quality of preservation and storage may not be guaranteed or quoted in the way of cheap warehouse rental but with many added and auxiliary services.

However, the above points are just the ways to stimulate cold storage demand. In terms of quality, these services will be good or not depending on the supplier. A sincere advice for businesses is that the company should consider carefully before making a decision to choose a cold storage rental service. They should choose a suitable cold storage rental location.

Price list of cold storage rental service of Nam Ha Noi

For details on the price list of cold storage rental service of Nam Ha Noi cold storage, please contact 0772.84.9999 for more detailed advice.

With the detailed information about cold storage quote above, we hope that our company has provided enough information for businesses to choose the right storage service. Let's share your knowledge, experience and useful suggestions with us by leaving a comment below!