Refrigerated preservation of goods is an indispensable requirement and plays an important role in production and business today. Fresh food, agricultural products, aquatic products and seafood or vegetables are products that are affected by environmental conditions and temperature outside. Therefore, using cold storage and freezing is a solution to avoid damage to goods.

What is cold storage?

Cold storage is a room or warehouse designed and installed with a cooling, refrigerating or freezing system to preserve and store goods for a long time and keep the best quality. The characteristics of cold storage will depend on the intended use of the customers or the type of goods. Nam Ha Noi cold storage is proud to be the unit evaluated by experts as one of the modern cold storage units in the North.

Cold storage structure

The structure of cold storage is divided into two main parts including the insulation system and the cooling system, whether cold storage such as cold storage for food, cold storage for pharmaceuticals and vaccines, cold storage of agricultural products, cold storage of aquatic products and seafood, etc.

The insulation system

The insulation system is the details and parts that play the role of ensuring the stable temperature of the warehouse, separating the cold air from exchanging heat with the outside environment. Cold storage insulation system consists of 2 main components:

1. Warehouse shell

Warehouse shell is made from panels manufactured specifically for cold storage installation. Outwardly, the panel layer has a high smoothness and gloss, beautiful colors and a clean feeling.

2. Cold storage door

Doors used for cold storages must ensure the same insulation as the warehouse shell, but at the same time need flexibility and convenience for users.

The refrigeration system

The role of the refrigeration system is to regulate the temperature of the warehouse down to the required temperature for storage. Therefore, depending on the type of product with different storage temperatures, the structure of the refrigeration system also has differences. Thus, only a few of the most important devices in each system are mentioned in the content of the structure.

1. Compressor

The compressor has the effect of compressing the refrigerant, which is the most important part and the heart of every refrigeration system.

2. Indoor unit

The way the machine line is often divided into the corresponding model is the storage temperature. The indoor unit installed inside the warehouse must ensure a solid and aesthetically pleasing shell. There are some important parts inside the indoor unit that need to be paid attention to when choosing and using the machine including indoor unit wall, centrifugal fan, defrost resistor, etc.

3. Control cabinet

The control cabinet has the main function of controlling and regulating the activities of cold storage. With pre-set parameters, the regulator will coordinate the operation of the devices so that the temperature is kept stable at the required level.

With many years of experience in the frozen food industry, Nam Hanoi cold storage is confident in our ability to provide a comprehensive solution of high standard frozen goods preservation and accompanied on-site services. Import and export goods at Nam Ha Noi cold storage are controlled and reported automatically by modern, specialized and suitable cold storage management software which issuing import and export slips quickly and accurately.



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