Currently, using cold storages to preserve food is being used by many agencies and localities. This method is extremely necessary to ensure the food quality. What should we first pay attention to when using cold storages? What is the storage temperature of food in cold storages? Let's find out with Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage - a reputable cold storage rental service provider!

Inlet temperature - standard for assessing food quality before preservation

What is the inlet storage temperature of food in cold storages? The inlet temperature of each product is the appropriate temperature to carry out preserving that product in cold storage. Depending on the type of goods, form and food storage temperature, goods will be cooled or frozen to achieve the required inlet temperature. The inlet food storage temperature is considered the final evaluation criterion to bring the product to the storage stage.

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Inlet temperature is an important factor when preserving food in cold storages


Why is it important to ensure the food inlet temperature?

Product quality assurance

Putting the products in cold storage when they are cold or hot may cause the products’ texture to be broken. This means that the products will not meet the output standards.

Therefore, in order to keep the original texture of products, the temperature of the products will be processed so that they can gradually get used to the temperature change.

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Cold storage system is arranged scientifically

Ensure the time to bring the product to the preservation temperature

The inlet temperature of each food is the one closest to the food preservation temperature. The preservation process will be faster if the product ensures the correct inlet temperature. This is an extremely important issue for frozen products with strict preservation requirements such as aquatic product, seafood, etc.

Do not affect the temperature of cold storage

The heat of the product brought from the outside into the cold storage may affect the preservation temperature of the food in the storage because when bringing in new products, the cooling system has to work harder to ensure the stability of the storage temperature. The hotter the inlet temperature of the product is, the greater the effect on the cooling system will be.

Therefore, the product needs to be brought to the correct inlet temperature to avoid affecting the equipment and operation of the cold storage. This is also a way to save energy and prolong the life of the storage's refrigeration system.

Cold storage inlet temperature of products for preservation

Fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable products are usually stored at positive temperature. After harvesting, the product will be brought back to normal temperature and then preserved immediately.

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Using cold storages is a great solution for food preservation

Eggs, milk and dairy products

Eggs and milk will be kept refrigerated at normal temperature. For milk, after processing and pasteurization, the product will be cooled down and then transferred to cold storages.


Meat can be kept at normal storage temperature in cold storage for short-term preservation. However, with products that need to be stored for a longer time at -40°C, the inlet temperature needs to be from -18°C to -20°C before transfering into cold storage.

Aquatic product and seafood

Commodities such as aquatic product and seafood need to be preserved at negative temperature. For offshore fishing, the products will be refrigerated to ensure freshness. However, we need to make sure the food is stored at an inlet temperature of around -18°C for freezing preservation.

Criteria for choosing cold storages to ensure the best food storage

Each product requires its own storage conditions. The cold storage rental cost also depends on the features, area and capacity of each cold storage type. Therefore, you need to choose cold storage which is suitable for your needs to avoid waste. Below are the criteria for choosing cold storage to preserve food by temperature for your reference.

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Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage with modern cold storage system for rent

Cold storages

The temperature in cold storages is typically between -2°C and 5°C. Normally, agricultural products will be stored at cooling temperatures. Only some tropical fruits such as bananas and lemons need to be stored at higher temperatures from 5°C to 10°C. Therefore, this type of warehouse will be suitable for vegetables and fruits.

Freeze storages

This type of warehouse is used to preserve frozen goods and products, often of animal origin. The right temperature is choosen depending on the time and type of product that need to be stored. However, it is necessary to ensure that the storage temperature is at least -18°C in order not to affect the product quality.

Multi-purpose storages

Multi-purpose cold storages have a food storage temperature of -12°C. However, this type of storage can satisfy if you want to increase or decrease the temperature.

Extra cold storages

This type of storage is used to bring products at normal temperature down to cold storage temperature or to extra cooling the frozen products. The extra cold storages are equipped with a fan system to make the extra cooling process faster.

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Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage always provides the best food preservation solutions

Above is some information about food storage temperature. There are several companies that offer cold storages for rent with different prices on the current market. If you are in need of renting a cold storage or finding a cheap cold storage company for rent, please contact Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage at the hotline 077 284 9999 for advice.. We are a reputable cold storage rental company and we commit to provide customers services with the highest satisfaction.

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