In summer weather, the temperature can reach a peak of about 40°C, ice is considered one of the indispensable lifesaving measures to help people cool off. Due to the increasing consumption demand, ice production facilities, especially ice cubes appear more and more. However, the problem is how to limit the rapid melting of ice cubes in erratic weather conditions. Information about cold storage to preserve ice cubes will be mentioned in today's article of Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage - a cold storage rental company.

Sử dụng kho lạnh bảo quản đá viên

Using cold storage to preserve ice cubes is a current popular choice

Production and storage standards of ice cubes

The quality of ice cubes when produced must meet the criteria of heavy metals and microorganisms to minimize adverse effects on human health. In addition, the production process is also required to meet closed standard of:

• Water source (well-water, groundwater, tap water, etc., depending on place of production).

• Anti-bacterial ultraviolet treatment system.

• Items used in this production process such as ice cube molds, cutters, sinks, mortars, etc. are all made of stainless steel to avoid rusting over time, especially when they must be in contact with water every day.

Finished ice cubes will usually have standard sizes classified according to: large ice cubes (47mm x 88mm) are used for beer and soft drinks, medium ice cubes (38mm x 40mm) are often used for tea and wine, small ice cubes (ball ice) with a size of 19mm x 20mm for drinking juice, coffee or smoothies.

After finished the ice cube production, manufacturers often rent cold storages to preserve ice cubes in case there is not enough capacity at the production site.

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The cold storage rental service can be used to preserve ice cubes if there is not enough capacity at the production site

Technology of preserving ice cubes using cold storage

In fact, the use of ice storage technology in rental cold storages is not a new storage method. However, this method has thrived recently because it brings outstanding benefits such as:

• Limiting the melt of pure ice in a certain time.

• Saving power consumption which results in savings in the overall cost (the cooling system in the storage is able to increase and decrease the temperature quickly and efficiently, so it consumes less electricity).

• Satisfying the demand for continuous cooling.

• Recuding labor cost because the control system mainly operates automatically.

Notes on storing ice cubes in cold storage

When using cold storages to preserve ice cubes, customers also need to pay attention to the following points:

Temperature in cold storage: The temperature inside the refrigeration system must always be in the range of -5°C to -1°C to be lower than the normal ice temperature.

How to arrange ice: Ice is stored in small bags (10 – 15 kilograms) depending on the manufacturer. In order for the cold air circulation in the warehouse to be ensured, staff should pay attention to the ground floor (maybe a wooden pallet), arrange the ice bags in rows and a few centimeters apart. Failure to do so will cause the ice to melt quickly and water flows to the floor.

Select qualified cold storages: Standard shell material from Panel Eps is 10cm thick (density 18 kg/m3 - 22 kg/m3). Standard cold storages for preserving ice cubes requiring 1 door to import ice and 1 door to output ice, both equipped with insulation curtains. In addition, the standard refrigeration system will use the R404a gas-powered machine to ensure rapid temperature reduction.

Một số lưu ý khi dùng kho lạnh để bảo quản đá viên

Some notes when using cold storages to preserve ice cubes

Comparison of insulation cabinets and cold storages in preserving ice cubes

Some people wonder about storing ice cubes in an insulation cabinet or cold storage is better. The advantages and disadvantages presented below will contribute to making the right choice for each case.


Using insulation cabinets: This cabinet has a compact size with a usable volume of about 1m³ with movable wheels. It is suitable for places such as restaurants, cafeterias, etc.

Using cold storages: The volume is varied depending on the using purpose of each customer. Cold storages are suitable for the need of renting a space for storing large quantities of ice cubes in the summer (capacity 8m³ - 12m³). It can help save energy and labor when all activities are done automatically.


• Using insulation cabinets: Capacity of storing small quantity of ice cubes. The technical parameters of temperature and humidity are usually set by default, limiting changes.

• Using cold storages: The mobility is limited because cold storages are designed to be fixed. If you want to change the position, the only way is to reassemble it.

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Nam Ha Noi cold storage – a company specializing in providing cheap cold storages for rent in Hanoi and surrounding provinces

Hopefully, the above article of Nam Ha Noi cold storage has helped you get a more general view on the ice cubes preservation process in cold storages as well as some related notes. If you are in need of using cold storages for any purposes, please contact us via the hotline 077 284 9999 for advice and detailed cold storage rental quote.

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