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1. Things businesses need to pay attention to when loading and unloading goods in cold storage

1.1. a) Confirmation of product temperature

1.2. b) Check the condition of the transport vehicle

1.3. c) Way to arrange the pallets before transporting

2. Cold storage with goods loading and unloading service: The optimal solution for businesses when trading in frozen goods

3. Advantages when storing frozen goods at Nam Ha Noi cold storage

Do you know: The way of loading and unloading goods or the order of organizing pallets from the warehouse to the truck or vice versa has a great influence on the quality of food as well as the efficiency of the refrigeration and preservation process after placing the goods in cold storage.

There was once a frozen chicken meat consignment of the enterprise A due to failure to pay attention and follow the correct loading and unloading method, resulting in 1/5 of the above goods being damaged , causing losses to the business while not earning any revenue. This is just one of thousands error cases in the process of transportation, loading and unloading causing serious losses to businesses.

Bốc dỡ hàng hóa không đúng cách có thể tạo ra trở ngại rất lớn cho doanh nghiệp

Improper loading and unloading of goods can create huge obstacles for businesses

With 20 years of experience in the cold storage industry as well as being a reputable and long-term partner of many businesses, Nam Ha Noi cold storage will share with you some "secrets" for businesses to load and unload goods in the best efficient way.

Things businesses need to pay attention to when loading and unloading goods in cold storage

In the past, several Vietnamese enterprises mainly used human resources (unskilled workers) to carry out the loading and unloading of goods instead of using machines because investing in equipment/machines and operating them at that time was not a small expense for them. The use of workers has many limitations such as:

- The transfer of products from the container (for imported and exported goods) to the truck and then from the truck to the warehouse or vice versa takes a lot of time and effort.

- The temperature control is also not guaranteed and easy to cause loss of goods.

- Working productivity is not uniform, so the efficiency is not high.

The work efficiency is not high when using only labor without machinery

These have been overcome when devices, machines and technologies dedicated to loading and unloading goods are widely applied in the logistics industry. However, businesses need to be based on long-term experience to be able to summarize the way to apply them reasonably. If you are a new business and have no experience at all, you can refer to the things to note when loading and unloading goods below.

a) Xác nhận nhiệt độ sản phẩm

Check the inlet temperature of the product before being loaded into the vehicle, set the temperature of the box to match the type of product to be transported. Transported goods must be within the allowable temperature range, doing this well will avoid damage to the products as well as the refrigeration equipment on the vehicle. An experience in the absence of a thermometer to check is that the driver can use the naked eye to observe the goods. Normally, the container will be very dry, not stagnant and watery on the surface if the goods are stored in a good condition.

b) Check the condition of the transport vehicle

Before loading the goods into the refrigerated truck, businesses should pay attention to check the condition of the vehicle to see if the refrigeration system is working normally or not. In addition, the sanitary condition on refrigerated trucks also affects the quality of goods transported in the vehicle. For example, if the vehicle has not been cleaned and has some debris or standing water from the previous transportation, it is likely that they will affect the goods and the cooling efficiency of the vehicle.


Check the transport vehicle to see if there are any problems

c) Way to arrange the pallets before transporting

Even if product and vehicle temperatures are satisfactory, the way you arrange your goods will affect the temperature after shipping. The correct arrangement is to create air circulation in the trunk and between the pallets, so that the temperature from the refrigerator can evenly coat all the goods in the vehicle. We have different ways of loading goods for different types of vehicle. For example, a vehicle equipped with an indoor unit designed to blow air above will have a different line-up from a vehicle designed to blow air below the floor. Congested air can lead to goods in some places not being cold enough and causing damage to them. Loading and unloading managers should supervise the loading and take care that there should be enough space for air to circulate between products.

Lưu ý không gian trống giữa các pallet

Pay attention to the free space between the pallets

The above are three of the many notes that businesses need to pay attention to when loading and unloading frozen goods. If your business does not have a loading team or transport equipment and most importantly, cold storage, please refer to the cold storage rental service below to better understand!

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Cold storage with loading and unloading service: The optimal solution for businesses when trading in frozen goods

Think about it, what will businesses do with a large batch of frozen goods but their private cold storage is too small, even without enough workers, machines and trucks for transporting and loadin? In this situation, the best solution is to immediately find a 3-in-1 cold storage rental service.

3-in-1 cold storage package: Integrated storage - transportation - loading and unloading

A package cold storage service is a place that has all the logistics services that businesses need for the supply chain such as: loading and unloading goods, transportation, packaging, etc. This is the most optimal storage solution that many businesses have been using in order to:

- Save time, effort and money for the business.

- Do not need to manage labor or hire a team to unload refrigerated goods.

- Do not need to purchase machinery and equipment for loading and unloading goods.

- Professional, meticulous and careful when loading and unloading goods.

- Sufficient facilities and meet the standards of refrigerated preservation.

- Prevent the loss and damage of goods before or after preserving in cold storage.

- Synchronize warehouse management with freight.

- This is also the reason why many businesses have been using industrial cold storage services to meet their frozen goods storage and trading demand.

Giải pháp tích hợp kho lạnh và bốc dỡ hàng hóa được rất nhiều doanh nghiệp lựa chọn

The solution of integrating cold storage and loading and unloading goods is chosen by many businesses

The way a consignment is handled, spatial organization and product handling, temperature and humidity control during loading and unloading affects all heat transfer processes and internal/pulse quality around the pallets and food. Therefore, if you do not have a professional loading and unloading team as well as a reputable frozen storage place, try a new solution by cooperating with Nam Ha Noi cold storage today to always ensure the best quality and quantity of goods as possible.

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Advantages when storing frozen goods at Nam Ha Noi cold storage 

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Nam Ha Noi cold storage is the most prestigious company in the North today with enough capacity, devices and human resources to help your company manage warehouses in a more uniform and synchronous manner. Specifically:

- When receiving goods from the company's port/warehouse/store, Nam Ha Noi cold storage will quickly load and unload the goods on refrigerated trucks for businesses, then transport them to the warehouse and unload them into cold storage. During this process, the cold storage lessor will ensure that the goods are kept in the best condition as well as meet all the requirements when loading and unloading the goods.

- When imported in the warehouse, the goods will be sorted by pallets and managed by clear codes, ensuring that the import and export always takes place quickly and with absolute accuracy. The entire import and export process is recorded and stored images through the system and transported by the most modern machines, ensuring products are not lost during storage.


Hàng hóa đông lạnh được sắp xếp theo vị trí doanh nghiệp mua trước đó

Frozen goods are sorted by location of previous purchase

- When exported out the warehouse, Nam Ha Noi cold storage will be in charge of the goods that will be strictly controlled before arriving at the enterprise's premises/stores. Thus, the transportation process will be closely synchronized with storage/preservation, making it easier for businesses to control goods and avoid losses.

We confidently assert to be the most prestigious and quality cold storage service provider for businesses. With a capacity of up to 5000 tons of goods divided into 2 stages, including many independent warehouses with a capacity of 300 to 1500 tons per warehouse. In addition, Nam Ha Noi cold storage also invests in modern equipment and machinery including Bitzer compressors, Linde and Komatsu forklifts, Testo temperature monitoring and recording systems, generators power CUMMINS 350kVA, etc.

As a reputable brand, Nam Ha Noi cold storage with good service, stable and reliable quality but affordable price is currently a reliable partner of several companies in the industry. Visit Nam Ha Noi cold storage today to experience the best cold storage service!

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