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1. Why do businesses need a solution of frozen goods transportation integrated with warehouses?

2. Things to keep in mind when choosing a partner to transport frozen goods intergrated with warehouses

3. Location for frozen goods transportation integrated with warehouses in Hanoi

3.1. The benefits of using the frozen goods transportation service intergrated with storage of Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage

How to obtain the most optimal frozen goods transportation is probably the issue concerned by many Vietnamese businesses today. Many people have been choosing new options such as frozen goods transportation integrated with warehouses service for a less loss and closed supply process.

Why do businesses need a solution of frozen goods transportation integrated with warehouses?

Today, there are many businesses that retail, trade, import and export, produce and process frozen goods. The demand for this type of product increased rapidly and it has become a consumption trend of modern families and B2B customers.

Trend of frozen food consumption

For example, some restaurants and hotels now use cheaper frozen meat (fresh meat) with a long time storing to optimize cost instead of using completely fresh food. In short interviews at several apartment buildings in Hanoi, many consumers answered “frequently” or “a lot” when being asked about the use of frozen food.

The demand for frozen goods is increasing in the Vietnam market. However:

- Vietnam still has to import frozen goods while domestic raw materials are abundant.

- Frozen businesses almost lose a large amount of goods every year.

- The quality of frozen goods is degraded during transportation.

- Many businesses do not have standard means of transporting frozen goods as well as have no experience in loading and unloading pallets properly result in the loss of goods.

In fact, there are many causes and inadequacies in the way of managing, distributing and transporting frozen goods that many businesses are facing and need to solve. In which, transportation of frozen goods and storage are the two issues that many businesses are most concerned about today.

Frozen transportation plays a very important role in ensuring quality and reducing losses of the business. Frozen warehouse is a place to store goods and freeze food. Transportation, if not closely linked with warehouses, will slow down the distribution of goods, even lose products, leading to capital losses.

The use of a refrigerated freight service with integrated warehousing is extremely necessary for food supply businesses that do not have a vehicle, a loading team and a place to store food well.

Transportation and cold storage are two inseparable things in the cold supply chain

So, when using the integrated warehousing service, what should businesses pay attention to to achieve the highest efficiency? Let's find out in the next section with Southern Hanoi Cold Storage to get a better answer.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a partner to transport frozen goods intergrated with warehouses 

All frozen products require special transport vehicles and strictly temperature controlled cold storages because they can be damaged during delivery or storage process. That is the reason why when using the service of transporting frozen goods combined with cold storage, you should consider the following factors to understand your goods status as well as know whether you have chosen the right partner or not:

- Having a separate fleet of refrigerated trucks to transport goods: An indispensable vehicle of a unit of transporting frozen goods combined with warehousing is a refrigerated truck. These vehicles can maintain heat well. They must be serviced regularly to ensure trouble-free shipments and on-time delivery.

Đội xe tải đông lạnh

The fleet of refrigerated trucks

- Having staff to load and unload goods: For partners with long time experience in the industry, their staff must have carried out a lot of transportation and experience in arranging goods and pallets. So come and try to see if they are proficient in loading the truck to get more data.

Có đội ngũ, máy móc bốc dỡ hàng hóa

Having staff and machinery for loading and unloading goods

- Having a standard cold storage: For partners owning a frozen goods transportation service with integrated storage, they are required to have a standard cold storage facility except for the means of transport. This cold storage must be full of refrigeration equipment, shelves, pallets, machinery for lifting goods… This will ensure that your goods will be preserved in a good environment for the most perfect quality.

Có một kho lạnh đạt chuẩn chất lượng

Having a standard cold storage

It is important to note that there is currently no technology to prevent or reverse the aging of perishable goods. Transporting frozen goods combined with storage aims to slow down this process, maximizing the shelf life and quality of your products.

To choose a good storage address, immediately refer to the service of Nam Ha Noi cold storage for more right choices!

Location for frozen goods transportation integrated with warehouses in Hanoi 

In order to ensure that the frozen goods of the enterprise are transported to the destination in the condition of intact temperature and quality, Nam Ha Noi cold storage with more than 20 years in the refrigerated food and frozen goods transportation industry throughout the North will provide expertise in the Logistics industry, preserving frozen foods in the right way and the most reasonable and cost-effective way to transport refrigerated goods. 

Nam Ha Noi cold storage is willing to help businesses and make the process of transporting frozen goods to local facilities/ports as simple and efficient as possible.

The benefits of using the frozen goods transportation service intergrated with storage of Nam Ha Noi Cold Storage 

Using Nam Ha Noi's integrated refrigerated transport service brings many benefits to businesses:

- When using the prestigious service of Nam Ha Noi, businesses are guaranteed in terms of quality, product condition, color, flavor and aroma are preserved during transportation.

- Always make sure the transport arrives at the scheduled delivery time.

- Do not need to buy transport vehicles, prepare complicated documents or hire drivers and unloading staff. All have been transported "packaged" by Nam Ha Noi cold storage.

- Provide refrigerated/frozen products that are carefully preserved, using the right specialized equipment for transporting goods without causing any damages.

- Goods are carefully packed, arranged more neatly and scientifically.

For the best advice and more details on our cold storage and transporting services, contact 0772.84.9999 today. Let's share your knowledge, experience and useful suggestions with us by leaving a comment below!

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